What types of animals do you bring with you for a farmyard visit?
We bring a variety of types and sizes including: a llama, calf, goats, lambs, rabbits, piglet, chickens, ducks and a turkey.

What size area do you require to set up?
Our pen is generally 6m x 6m but, depending on the visit, we can make it larger or smaller if needed.

How far do you travel?
We travel all over Victoria and have also ventured into NSW. Some visits may incur a travel charge.

Are you insured and covered for public liability?
Yes we are.

What days of the week do you take the farm out and do you charge extra for weekends?
We accept bookings 7 days a week except Christmas day and NO we don’t charge extra for weekends.

Are there any special things you need the children to do when you come to visit?
Yes, we would like the children to wear appropriate clothing/footwear so that they feel comfortable picking up and touching the animals.

What about bad weather, if it’s raining?

All you need to do is let us know by calling us no later than 7am on the day of the booking and we will postpone your visit to a more appropriate time.

Do you clean up at the end of the visit?
Yes, we ensure we leave the place clean and we constantly pick up after the animals to stop little feet from stepping in droppings.


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